Don't see exactly what you want? Whether a personalized version of an existing piece, artwork based on a meaningful scripture passage, or something else entirely - Ricky will work with you and your needs. 

The timing for commissioned work varies and can take as little as two days and as long as three weeks. A timeline will be provided following purchase. 

Leave a note on the Contact Us form about what you are looking for and Ricky will get right back with you.

Commissioned Work - Go Against the Flow

"What drew me to Ricky was his Christian principles and how he strives to further God’s Kingdom first and foremost.  That along with the amazing story of his blindness really made an impact on me.

As for the Artwork, it is truly amazing that Ricky can do what he does.  It would be top notch for someone who can see, much less a person who is totally blind.

And customer service was top notch as well!" - Bowen Weir